2009 Anchorage International Film Festival Calendar

The schedule for the 2009 film festival was announced a few days ago. AIFF published an online film schedule and event schedule. The FoAIFF has taken that information and turned it into something really useful: online and downloadable calendars for all the screenings and events at the film festival! These calendars come in three flavors: Smörgåsbord – all the screenings, events and venues on a single calendar; À la carte – individual calendars for each venue with only that venue’s screenings and events; or Online – all the screenings and events in a color coded, online-only format using Google Calendars.


This is the easiest way to get every film festival screening and event on your calendar, but without color coding by venue. View or download the full calendar in one of these formats:

Complete schedule HTMLiCalXML

À la carte

This option requires a little more effort, but if you are only interested in one venue or if you would like to have the venues color coded on your calendar then it is the option for you. View or download the individual venue calendars in one of these formats:

Bear Tooth Theater HTMLiCalXML
Alaska Experience 1 HTMLiCalXML
Alaska Experience 2 HTMLiCalXML
Anchorage Museum HTMLiCalXML
Out North HTMLiCalXML
Loussac Library HTMLiCalXML
All Venue Calendars ZIP


Click here for the online-only version of the film festival calendar with all of the screenings and events color coded by venue, or just use this one…

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